LGH-288 2B-BL – Livinox


LGH-288 2B-BL

  • Heat Efficiency: 54.7%
  • L: 5.5kW ; R: 5.5kW
  • 2 x Rapid Burners
  • Wind Resistance & Heat Enhancement
  • Flexi Built-in
  • Imported Safety Device
Model No.:LGH-288 2B-BL
Burner Type:2 x Rapid Burners
No of Burner:2
Heat Efficiency:54.70%
Power Burner(kW):L: 5.5 ; R : 5.5
Surface Material:8mm Tempered Glass
Pan Support:Yes
Safety Device:Yes
Type of Gas:LPG
Special Feature:Wind Resistance & Heat Enchancement
Flexi Built-in Hob
Installation Guide:

User Manual Download: Click ME

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