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LWC-1039-150/ LWC-1039-250 

Water Closet (WC)

  • One Piece Water Closet (WC)
  •  Vortex WC
  • PP Soft Closing Seat & Cover
  • Hygienic with Easy Maintain
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Technical Specifications

Model No. : LWC-1039-150/ LWC-1039-250
Type of Water Closet (WC) : ONE-PIECE WATER CLOSET
Flushing System : Washdown
Bowl : Vortex
S-Trap :  150/250mm Roughing-in
Seat & Cover : PP Soft Closing
Internal Fitting : Dual Flush (6L/ 3L)
Dimensions (mm) : Size: 745 x 390 x 690mm
Dimensions Diagram (mm) :

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